Windy Bacca Kennel, LLC.

We have a free, no obligation initial consultation for you and your dog.  This gives you the opportunity to see me, see my dogs work and any dogs that I may be currently training.  It is my opinion that you should never get involved with something if you can't see a finished working product!  During this 30 minute session, I will assess your dogs readiness and make recommendations for a training plan, based on your individual needs.

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We feel that it is important to train the dog and the owner at the same time.  We believe that you and your dog are forming a lifetime relationship.  We you and your dog train together you are developing a bond and partnership that will grow.   We train dogs to be the perfect hunting companion and to become a member of the family.  For the most owners of a Gun Dog is not a "tool" just to be brought out during the hunting season.  a Gun Dog should be a companion for both the hunter and his home. 

Training bird dogs for the foot hunter is the primary focus at Windy Bacca Kennels.